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Well .. Schmurrr ! Talking about 'ME' is just so darn difficult . I love reading . And this blog is wholly dedicated to that . As far as my taste in book goes , I love reading NA , dark romances , and a bit of a mix between YA and NA from time to time . I enjoy PNR as well but only when I'm in the mood for it ! Romance is a MUST !


If the book is a guaranteed Mind fuck , then HELL YEAH !

Fearscape (Horrorscape, #1) - Nenia Campbell “You've never even been kissed before, have you?”
Val let out a small gasp when he moved down her throat and she felt the sting of his teeth in her earlobe. It made her shudder and she felt the puffs of his breathy laughter. “You're so innocent.” And the sibilant words tickled unpleasantly when he whispered into her ear, “You should run from me while you can.”
She was breathing too hard and to her chagrin it wasn't entirely from fear. “Or what?”
The smile he gave her as he pulled away was like an arrow in her heart. “I catch you.”


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Excuse me while I try and get my pending panic attack under control .....




Alright , now that I can breathe okay I have to say .... WHY DIDN'T I READ THIS SERIES EARLIER !! I mean , for Christ sake this book has been idle in my kindle app for a really looooooooooong time !

Time to be honest here .. I heard this series was totally a YA and since I love reading Smut and a whole lot of it , I just thought this one wouldn't be 'it' for me ..



Fearscape has to be one of the best obsessive stalker stories out there . I'll tell you why . Usually , when someone decides to write stories about psychotic stalkers , the age group they usually focus on is somewhere between 27+ and more .. But our stalker here ... * insert evil laugh here * well , he just isn't one of them . Infact , considering how old he is .. I gotta say that his thoughts are highly disturbing !

Fearscape is the story of 14 year old Valerian .. Valerian may be 14 , but she is very mature for her age . she is pretty retrospective and a tad bit observant . And she loves animals ,and they love her . Sweet , simple and totally down to earth . Probably the only girl who can befriend a guy nicknamed ' The hit list guy ' ... What could go wrong with someone like that right ? Well , what starts off as some mystery stalker games quickly turns into an obsession so dark and thrilling that one could totally feel it seeping into their bones and freezing the crap out of you ! Like seriously !!!

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And lets not forget the dark and brooding Gavin Mecozzi , a.k.a The Hit List Guy .. There is a pretty cool story as to why he is called that .. But I wont be getting into it now .. Gavin is the guy no one talks to and he doesn't give a shit about it , Gavin and Valerian share a common interest , their love for art . Its because of this that they end up becoming friends . But there is an underlying tone to Gavin's personality . Something that is reflected in his eyes , something that tends to drip from the way he talks . Something that can be felt from his touch ... Is it all just Valerian's imagination or is she missing something here ?? You'll need to find that out on your own ...

Honestly speaking , I think what makes Fearscape tick is the fact that it is entirely based on the concept of fear .. Or should I say the 'Anticipation of fear' .

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See , Nenia Campbell's story weaving technique is darn right simple but very effective .. Throughout the story , or more like - right from the start , she keeps the reader active and alert by pointing out the fact that there is something/someone out there to get you .. Its all quiet , just like a-storm-brewing quiet and then BAM! the first wave hits the reader . The stalker is introduced into the story .. he leaves subtle hints , giving time to figure things out on your own and then everything is smooth sailing again only to be hit again , but this time with even more force than before ...

And the genius part of it all ... She wants you to know who the stalker is .. Nope , she doesn't want you to play the guessing game . The answers are right.fucking.there ! All you have to do is just accept it ... Very much like the stalker in this book ..

“Let's not play games, Val. We both know that you read the journal — but you never stopped to consider the fact that I might want you to find it.”

Ignorance is bliss , isn't it ..? What you don't know , cant hurt you .. But what if you knew that there is something , someone out there .. Waiting .. Waiting for a chance to strike , a chance to pounce and devour you . A chance to hurt you or those close to you ..

Fearscape is a maze . A maze of limitless mind games and unwarranted needs .

Questions questions everywhere , but very few answers ... How does one decide that a particular object or being is worth obsessing over ? What are the heights one is willing to climb to get what he/she wants ? Is love any different from Obsession , or is it one and the same ?

And lets just say the story has just began , because ...

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I cant wait to see where things go from here ... !

P.S : This song was on repeat mode when I was reading this book .. I think it kinda fits ...

The Veils - Vicious Traditions

This book is a TOTAL MUST READ !!