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Well .. Schmurrr ! Talking about 'ME' is just so darn difficult . I love reading . And this blog is wholly dedicated to that . As far as my taste in book goes , I love reading NA , dark romances , and a bit of a mix between YA and NA from time to time . I enjoy PNR as well but only when I'm in the mood for it ! Romance is a MUST !


If the book is a guaranteed Mind fuck , then HELL YEAH !

Motorcycle Man (Dream Man, #4) - Kristen Ashley “That movie you made me watch, first time at your house. Love and redemption. You said, ‘the most beautiful stories ever told are the most difficult to take’. You said that, Red. Right out. And I knew if you got that, when it was later and I shared my shit with you, you’d get me. I never thought my story was beautiful. I thought it was shit. But you said that and when you did, I saw it. The ride is not over but if I can keep my Club together and find a sweet, feisty woman who’s got my back and
enough to her that she’ll stay there, holding me up not dragging me down, I figure I’d find my way to beauty eventually. And I’d find absolution because I’d know, I earned the love of that woman, a woman who’s got so much to her it’ll take years to dig down and find the heart of her, that would be my reward.”



Kristen Ashley ....

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All your stories .. They come straight from your heart and make a home in ours !!!

I fuckin love you ... Plain and simple !

Tack and Tyra ... God they are a match made in hell ! Feisty , arrogant , full of attitude and WILD ! Phew ..

And the epilogue ... Kinda wondered why my kindle app didn't catch fire since the hot brood was all in the same scene playing baseball !

Absolutely loved it !!!!