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Well .. Schmurrr ! Talking about 'ME' is just so darn difficult . I love reading . And this blog is wholly dedicated to that . As far as my taste in book goes , I love reading NA , dark romances , and a bit of a mix between YA and NA from time to time . I enjoy PNR as well but only when I'm in the mood for it ! Romance is a MUST !


If the book is a guaranteed Mind fuck , then HELL YEAH !

Wild Man (Dream Man, #2) - Kristen Ashley “You scared, baby?” he asked.
I didn’t repeat my “yeah”, I just nodded.
His arms got tighter and his voice got thicker as I felt his neck bend and his lips say against my hair, “Don’t be. There’s a wild that’s fucked and there’s a wild that’s just, plain wild. You just hooked yourself to a different kind of wild, Tess, and I swear, baby, swear,” his arms squeezed before he finished, “I’ll show you that’s a good, safe place to be.”

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In loooooooooooove with the WILD MAN !!! And Kristen Ashley , and this book , and Tess and all the other characters !

Wild Man takes a different route from the actual KA style . What I loved about it was that , instead of having Brock Lucas chase and prove Tess his love , they together as a couple had to deal with a lot of shit from their ex's and the bad guys ! I love stories that have a family appeal - you know like there's a mom , dad , brothers , sisters , their partners , their children ... and all that . This book had it all !!

And lets not forget , Hector 'OH MY GOD' Chavez made an appearance !!! Fuckinfantastic !!!

Onto The Law Man now !!