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Miss Quintessential reviews !

Well .. Schmurrr ! Talking about 'ME' is just so darn difficult . I love reading . And this blog is wholly dedicated to that . As far as my taste in book goes , I love reading NA , dark romances , and a bit of a mix between YA and NA from time to time . I enjoy PNR as well but only when I'm in the mood for it ! Romance is a MUST !


If the book is a guaranteed Mind fuck , then HELL YEAH !

Hurting To Feel - Abby Wood What.the.fuck ????!!!


Edit : 02/Feb/2013

"We need rules."
"No rules." He planted his knee on the mattress, stretched toward her, and grabbed her ankle. "I told you how it would be between us. I proved how I knew you were the one, the only fucking way I know how. I don't take this lightly. You are the one who gets to see the real me and you agreed."


That was me when I first read the blurb ...

No safe words ... That should be interesting .. At least that's what I thought .

I guess what I really got in the end was not what I had bargained for !

Before I progress any further , let me just clarify certain things ...

a) I rated the book 2 stars . And according to Goodreads 2 stars = it was ok . And this book was ok .. Really , it was .

b) This review would probably turn out to be a mess , because I have no idea what I'm going to be talking about here . In the end you may just end up thinking , 'sheesh , this woman is out of her mind ! Talk about contradiction !!!! ' and whatnots .

Here we go ...

I'm gonna straight up cut to the chase here ! The biggest flaw that I figured out about this book was - the definite lack of chemistry between the lead characters , Nate/Nathan and Addison/Addy ! Especially in a story where the two lead characters are a pair straight out of the 'fucked ups ' , I couldn't see what actually ticked into place for them to fall in love * scoffs * If I can call it that ! Both of them were broken , Nate was a child not born out of love , he lived most of his life on the streets ,and grew up trying to survive the hardship that life threw on him . Addy , well , her dad never accepted her as his child and her mom always felt that Addy wasn't good enough . Addy felt ... rejected . So to see these two individuals really successful in their own spheres was like a really proud moment .

And then shit happened !!!!

Addy and Nate meet , and I didn't even realize what fueled their desire to be together . Its just one moment she's rescuing him from the heavy traffic and the next he is asking her out on a date and to be his partner for the evening and stuff . And then the next moment its like Addy cant stop thinking about Nate , even though it was SHE who gave him the cold shoulder treatment and told him she wasn't interested in him !!!

I really liked both Nate and Addy in the beginning . You know , Nate being this broody , dominating , control freak . The kind of man we love ... or should I say , gives me the chills and Addy , who took control of her own life and turned it into a much better place than her past !

It was nice to see both of them holding out strong on their different corners , but once the lust dam broke and all their sexual desires came pouring out , I was like .... WTF !!!

You see , Nate is a sadist . He enjoys watching people in pain . Couple that up with sexual elements , and you have a beast waiting to ravage anything that can be ravaged . He sets his sights on Addy . He tells her what he is all about , and she is like I think I can handle it . This is the part where the book features some really steamy sex scenes . Addy isn't looking for love , but she feels different with Nate and all jazz . But Nate isn't really satisfied and he wants more .. rougher than he usually is . But he is scared that Addy will run away and he cant let that happen . And I was like " Aww he cares" , But then I realized that I never really understood their attraction to each other .

I was okay with that , but then Nate is such a control freak that he starts stalking Addy . Let me explain , there is this scene where Addy goes out to meet this homeless unemployed woman who has a really sick daughter . Nate instantly interfers and forbids Addy to go that place and meet the woman . At first Addy was all adamant and stuff , but then she cracks down and starts sobbing , and then he softens up a bit and he is like it calm down . But then they get back home and Addy is like Nate dont leave me . Nate says , its okay i'm right here I'll just be back and Addy is adamant and refuses to let Nate go . The next thing you know Nate grabs a fistful of Addy's hair , pushes her down on her knees , unzips his trouser , and slaps her with his dick !!!! And if that isn't enough he tells her that he is the only one who can give her whatever she wants . And that she wouldn't meet that woman again ! At this point I was praying that Addy doesn't give in , but then she says yes and I'm all


And then there is the scene where he beats up this prostitute jut because he cant beat Addy up .... That insensitive jackass ..


After this it all became really irritating ..



* sigh * I'm tired just thinking about it ..