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Well .. Schmurrr ! Talking about 'ME' is just so darn difficult . I love reading . And this blog is wholly dedicated to that . As far as my taste in book goes , I love reading NA , dark romances , and a bit of a mix between YA and NA from time to time . I enjoy PNR as well but only when I'm in the mood for it ! Romance is a MUST !


If the book is a guaranteed Mind fuck , then HELL YEAH !

Devoured (Devoured, #1) - Emily Snow “I plan on making you sit on making you sit perfectly still,” he says, his hazel eyes gleaming with desire and power. “Dipping my fingers, my fruit, inside of your body. Tasting you. I’ve grown addicted to the way you taste, Red.”


Dear Santa ,

How's it going dude ?? I hear the snow in north pole is not the same as it used to be .. Whats up with that ?? Well anyways , I know what I want for Christmas ! Yaay ! I want you to find me a Lucas Wolfe ! Damn right son ... I want a boyfriend just like him . And this was the dude that kept me mind occupied whenever I pictured Lucas in my head !


Albeit , a slightly muscular version would do wonders . Not that I don't find lean men sexy but still .... lol

Yeah someone like that ! All rock-starish with tattoo's and stuff . Someone who writes songs hot enough to melt you into a puddle of god knows what . Someone who knows you better than you do yourself . Someone who always gives this aura of unexplainable desires and lust . You get the idea , don't you ? I know I know you've got like a million requests from ladies who want you to find them a Christian Grey , but not me . Nope sir , I want me a hot and heavy Lucas Wolfe or someone close enough . Not that tough right ?
I love me some Lollipop too .. I mean , they say you give away candies too right . So I was thinking maybe you'd send over some of that too ! No worries if you cant , I'll make do with you fulfilling at least one of my wish , preferably the first one . Easy right ? image

Sending you lots of love over the north pole and wishing you goodness too as its time to start working on those gifts , Christmas is right around the cover !

P.S : You may start with finding my gift first ... Good luck !!

Yours lovingly ,

While Santa finds me my hunny bunny let me tell you a story , okie ...

Little Miss Red head and the Delicious Wolfe


Once upon a time in a land not far away , there lived a red head who only had a Grandma and brother for a family . She also had this one best friend who loved her and understood her like no other human being ever did . And she had one pathetic excuse for a mother who doesn't give two shit about her or her family .The girl always pretended that she did not let anything bother her and absolutely had no qualms about being someones door mat or punching bag . If it hurt her , she wouldn't let anyone know about it . Anyone except , the Wolfe . Drawn to Red by her non submissive qualities , the wolfe is ready to do anything to get his hands on her . That opportunity comes in the form of Grandma's Cabin , that the wolfe wants to take over for his activities . Red is determined to stop him . And Wolfe has a proposal for her . Ten days , his game , his rules . He wants him to submit to her , will she .. ? Wont she ... ? Even if she does , will she give him the things he needs or will she play the game on her rules ??? Questions Questions ! Read the book to find out more !

( Until you decide to read the book )

“God, you look like sin,” Lucas says as I pull my thumb from my mouth. 

Honestly speaking I'm going through mixed feelings for this book right now ! A part of me absolutely loved it ! I loved the characters . I loved Sienna . She isn't the type of female leads I usually end up hating . She is scared and broken but she puts on a brave face and handles the lemons life throws at her . I loved the whole ' Predator and Prey ' thing they had going on !! Facebook and one of my favorite things , the E-cards were mentioned as well !!! And Lucas ! Well you know how I feel about him already ! He's vulnerable but shows it only to the people close to him ! His feelings for Sienna were damn obvious from the beginning . I mean , at times I was like , 'Gurl you gotta be careful here , the guy's a heartbreaker ! ' but later on I was like , 'Awwww , He loves you cant you see that !!! '

There's this particular scene where Lucas and Sienna go out in disguise to see a band doing covers of songs by Lucas's band Your Toxic Sequel and he dresses up something like this :


Tell you what ... ITS STILL HOT !!!!

Now for the other part of my feelings ... The one that ended up a little like this


Let me explain ... The ending ! What the fuck happened , it seemed rushed ! The book could've been longer . Lucas still appears to be a mystery . I would have loved it if we got to spend a lot more time with him . Its suppose to be an erotic story , so I was expecting more sex !!! Especially those scenes with the fruits and the tying to the bed post and all !!! Yes , I'm a pervert smiley Pictures, Images and Photos ! I love smut ! The more smut I read , the better I like the book !

Fortunately , I've just found out that there's a sequel and there's more in store for Sienna and Lucas , with Sienna and Lucas . One thing's for sure , I'm definitely reading it hoping that it's even better than Devoured and we get to see some more action in that one !!!

Emily Snow definitely knows how to sketch the perfect good bad boy and and a leading lady who knows what she's doing ! An amazing Debut from an amazing author for sure !!!