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Well .. Schmurrr ! Talking about 'ME' is just so darn difficult . I love reading . And this blog is wholly dedicated to that . As far as my taste in book goes , I love reading NA , dark romances , and a bit of a mix between YA and NA from time to time . I enjoy PNR as well but only when I'm in the mood for it ! Romance is a MUST !


If the book is a guaranteed Mind fuck , then HELL YEAH !

Inhale - Kendall Grey 4.75 stars !!
Jesus jumping on a pogo stick !!!! This book is IMAGINATION AND CREATIVITY OVERLOAD (in an awesome way ) !!!!
I'm sooo in love with Kendall Grey , the woman is just too good to be true !

"Oh shit. He was gonna—
The kiss stole her breath, sent her soul flying like the little wooden bird that had brought them together despite the boundaries of time and space and logic. Hot blood flooded her cheeks, palms, gut. His breath mingled with hers. The delicious taste of his mouth and the scrape of metal against her lips transformed her into a puddle of melted Jell-O. How was she still standing?
Oh right. He was holding her up.

Inhale is the story of Zoe Morgan , a whale biologist and Gavin Cassidy , a Rockstar . The blurb pretty much says it all . But I'm just gonna run it down for you simple . The Dreaming is the place where we all go to at night once we fall asleep . So does Zoe . But something isn't right in 'The dreaming' . Its under attack . By whom you ask ? By the Fire Elementals . They are the bad guys , hell bent on destroying 'the dreaming' completely , thus making 'Realis' - our real world- a playground for them to play on !
Only Zoe and Gavin can stop these elementals from destroying 'the dreaming' and keeping the Wyldlings i,e people like you and me , safe . But there's a teeny weeny tiny problem . Gavin is also a Sentinel , a protector of sorts of the dream realm and cant get himself involved with a wyldling . So he tries his best to avoid Zoe at all cost . But that seems too unlikely to happen . Whats gonna Gavin do now ? How can he convince Zoe to help him out ?? But most of all , how will he keep his heart from falling in love with Zoe Morgan ??

The cover of this book is downright breath taking !! I believe that's Dr Zoe Morgan on the cover surrounded or covered by her element , the water ! Its unique and refreshing !

There are a lot of things I enjoyed about this book . Firstly , this book is so unique and different ! I havn't read anything like it before . Dreams have always been my area of Interest . Everything about them is intriguing . Many a times I too have felt that when we dream our astral body projects us off into another dimension and we meet people and see things that we might have never seen or met before . Kendall uses the exact theory in her book . The world she creates known as 'The Dreaming' is beautiful and mysterious . The idea of creating your own dream or morphing exisitng scenarios and situations has been perfectly executed . Going picnicing in a whale's stomach , turning yourself into a tree , swimming in the ocean along with whales , living in water bubble ..... oooh I could just go on !! Kendall has done extensive research on whale researching and it shows in the story . The things Zoe and her team go about doing is definitely on a professional level ! Hard work payed off if you ask me ! I really enjoyed learning and reading about it !
Secondly , Gavin and Zoe !!! Oh my god ! I loved them .
Gavin is a sad soul . He has lost his balance i.e his water element after losing someone he really loved . But that changes after he meets his MUSE .. She changes everything for him . Making him stronger and emotive like he's never been before . In the 'Realis'he is a rockstar complete with tattoo's ( which seem to come alive from time to time ) and a lip piercing ... God thats uber sexy . This was Zoe's first thought;s on meeting him for the very first time :
"He stepped closer. His dark blue eyes sparkled under the fading light of the sun. People like him weren’t real. They were larger than life, living on covers of magazines, walking across movie screens, or playing songs on sold out stages. Fans camped out for tickets to see faces like his."
I sooo agree with ya girl .... * sighs*
Zoe , oh boy she cracked me up like it was the freakin fourth of july !! Head strong and ambitious , she was just amazing . For Zoe at first , Gavin and the dreaming were just some cooked up figments of her imagination . But later as the story progresses , she stars understanding the seriousness of everything around her and how its all connected in ways she couldn't even imagine .
There were some pretty nice and some pretty nasty characters as well . The most hated of them being Scarlet .. Lord I hated her with every gut ! Uggggh :/

This was most abso-fuckin-lutely a page scorching read ! Definitely a Mature YA ! Mr Perfect and Muse definitely knew how to get their heat on !!

I totally recommend this book to everyone ! Its not something that you would read on a regular basis ! Very different and filled with awesomeness , this could definitely make it onto the big screen . For 0.99 cents , its a sure gold ! PICK THIS ONE UP RIGHT NOW !!