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Well .. Schmurrr ! Talking about 'ME' is just so darn difficult . I love reading . And this blog is wholly dedicated to that . As far as my taste in book goes , I love reading NA , dark romances , and a bit of a mix between YA and NA from time to time . I enjoy PNR as well but only when I'm in the mood for it ! Romance is a MUST !


If the book is a guaranteed Mind fuck , then HELL YEAH !

Ever Shade - Alexia Purdy HOLY FAIRY GODMOTHER !! I GOT BLISTERS ON MY FEET - Ow , ow , ow * Hops around * nope ,i'm done walking for now . I'm not going anywhere
Wow , what a journey Ever Shade has been !!! So new and so unexpected ! Lets get started with this review before the Demi - fey arrive . They are 'yours truly' sinister and can be quite a handful .You dont want to get trapped around here when that happens .

Ever Shade is the story of Shade , a teenage girl . Shade is your average yet so-not average high schooler . Confused ?? Dont be , once you read the book you'll know exactly what i'm talking about . So just chill . Anyways , so shade is not your ordinary high schooler , she's different - she's always been and because of that she considers herself a freak . But then one day everything she thought about herself and the world around her changed . what events will that change bring forth and will Shabe be able to accept those changes in her life or will she crumble and give into hopelessness and despair ?? Answer to all those questions is what awaits the readers in this epic journey called Ever Shade .

Cover thought : The cover is just plain gorgeous !! Simple and very true to what the readers can expect from this book .Ever Shade being the first book in this trilogy gives us insight on the fairy realm and Shades hidden powers - well not all of them , but a few . So keeping that in mind , the cover is absolutely justified .

Things i loved about this book :

Every single freakin thing about this book was awesome !!! Not a single moment of boredom ! If i had my way i would have devoured it in a single day . But no , that could not be a reality ! * Sighs* .. Anyhoooo , what matters is that i finished the book and OH.MY.GOD !! Seriously , what a journey it has been .. I'm reeling in the effect of tha awesomness . And i think i should be thanking Author Alexia Purdy for that !! That woman writes like a GOddess !! 2 things i absolutely loved about her writing style - first , the whole ' hearing/reading the thoughts of the character you know when they talk to themselfs . I find that really funny and i loved the fact that Alexia made use of that kind of writing technique . And secondly , i LOVED the way she has described every single aspect in this book !! Now now , dont think that its some sort of thesis or anything that she has stacked pages of ... when i say i loved her description , i meant the way she uses her words to describe the atmosphere around you . It actually feels like you are right there , the winds , the mountains , the village/town , the action .... dear lord everything . I could feel the serenity of being at the mountains and fountains and the forests , the fear of the unknown , the shyness of being kissed for the first time , the pain , the sorrows , the hatred . I could envision the seelie courts , the rooms , the whole atmosphere of fairy realm * ahh - sighs happily * !! I'm totally in love with the way she writes ..

The characters in the book were awesome as well !!! I found myself liking almost all of them . Shade being my favourite ! At times she acted out as a child curious to know things . The way she asked questions upon questions had me giggling and thinkin "Slow down there girlie , you're like an express train right now!!" and at times ahe just zapped into a complete 'Warrior mode '! scared of nothing and clearing her path . Dylan was my second most fav character !! Awww i loved him sooo much . Cant wait to read more about him ! I have an eerie feeling about certain things , but i dont want to get into it right now !! I also loved the pace at which the story kept on moving forward . It was just perfect , giving you many things to look at and learn about - like i said earlier it felt like the reader of the book is right there seeing and experiencing everythin with their own eyes . I loved the whole journey and what we could learn about the fey realm , and i cant wait to read more !!! Certain theories and ideas and also points have started buzzing around in my head as to what the second book in this awesome trilogy be about . I also have a feeling that certain unexplained and unanswered questions will be answered in that book ! * Duh - captain obvious !! * . Ohh , the eerie feeling just crept up again !! * Shudders*

This was definitely a JOURNEY OF EPIC PROPORTIONS for me and i enjoyed every minute and every second of it !! Recommended for readers who enjoy reading about hot feys who can kill you with their touch and also for fans who want an all inclusive paid trip to the exotic fairy realm and back . This is that one trip you wont regret taking !! Check this out for sure !