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Well .. Schmurrr ! Talking about 'ME' is just so darn difficult . I love reading . And this blog is wholly dedicated to that . As far as my taste in book goes , I love reading NA , dark romances , and a bit of a mix between YA and NA from time to time . I enjoy PNR as well but only when I'm in the mood for it ! Romance is a MUST !


If the book is a guaranteed Mind fuck , then HELL YEAH !

The Many Lives of Avery Snow (The Past Lives, #1) - Christy Sloat And those who loved before will be brought back together
Those who loved before will be brought back together
And so they say baby for everything a reason
And so they say baby you will be brought
Back to me.

WOWZA !!! Those five lines by Carina round is the perfect description to what 'The Many lives of Avery Snow' was all about for me . Ghosh , the story and the characters in this book were MASSIVE !! I loved every character , even the bad one's .. STRANGE ME HUH ?!! . So lets get on with this review before i forget what i have to actually talk about !!

The Many lives of Avery Snow is the story of Avery , a girl who's been through a lot of pain , agony and loss in life as a little girl . And whats worse is that her life has'nt gotten any better as an adult . Strange things have started happening lately . Strange dreams , insomnia , feeling of Deja vu and cold sweat . To make matters even more weirder , two really hot guys . Just imagine the blood rush that is felt when you cant seem to decide what or should i say who is it that your heart wants . What if its both because they both are important in a way that one can truly understand only by reading this book . What is going on with Avery ? Will she ever understand the things that she will be witnessing ? Who will she choose ? What does destiny has in store for her ? Will she be able to learn from her past and not make the same mistakes again , or would she succumb to her hearts desire and change the course of events ?? The answer to all these questions lie in this journey extraordinaire , that is the many lives of Avery Snow .

Cover- speak : Beautiful cover , very very pretty to look at . It describes the base and the foundation of the story in a very unique . When i looked at it , i was like , "wow , is'nt that very thought provoking ? " I absolutely loved it . Its serene and at the same time it gives you a feeling of loneliness , pain and sorrow . ( Maybe thats just how i saw it )

Things i really loved about this book :

1) Christy Sloat's writing style : I'm not a huge fan of authors who love beating around the bushes with concepts and ideas and theories . They make simple things look so damn complicated , to read them is almost as tiring as climbing a mountain . Not only that , they slow down the flow of the story , thus making the reader lose interest in the story . But Christy's writng is quick and perky ( Geez , i dont even know if its the right word to use here , but i felt it would describe how i feel about it ) . Anyways , what i really admired about her style was that her explaination of whats going on in the story is so simple , that it doesnt take a long time to figure out what she is actually trying to convey . Also the language is pretty simple ans easy to follow , in other words YOU DONT NEED TO SIT WITH A DICTIONARY . I mean i dont mind learning new words and meanings and all but sometimes it just gets too much to handle - really frustrating !! I also loved how she kept the flow of the story going on , not wasting too much time on just one thing . Theres so much happening that the reader is sucked into the story immediately . Also there were some pretty interesting twists and turns that i didnt expect . In short i love Christy's writing style , i'm a fan from here on !!!

2)Chain of events : Right from page 1 i was hooked onto what i was reading . I was trying to anticipate the turn of events and how the author would use the concept of "REINCARNATION" in the story . Like i said earlier , i loved the pace at which the story was progressing . Just when you thought you cant understand whats going on , it felt the author mind read your confusion and manages to answer it with ease .

3)Characters : I dont know if i liked Avery or not ! I mean , she really is not one of those MC that has a problem with accepting what nature has in store for her or what her life is all about . But i just dont see her as my fav MC , probably because of the way she treats one of the male characters * Clears throat * a certain Landon !! Speaking of whom , i just loved Landon's character . I would totally say this without shame , If definitely want a boyfriend/husband like him .. Ohh the things he does and has done for Avery , i cant even explain . As a reader i could feel his anguish , his sorrows , his need and love for Avery that travels across generations , dimensions and timelines ... What love , it bought tears to my eyes !! And thirdly , the other important male character Dallas , Avery's love interest . I dont hate him or dislike him or anything , but he is'nt Landon . Enough said . There are other certain other iportant characters too without whom the story would definitely be incomplete .

NOW to the messy part , things i didnt like : Just one thing , the ending !! *Dont get all panicky here , let me explain* . When you are reading the story , the end just zaps your heart making you go , "Oh come on . what the hell ? " , thats how i reacted . But then i thought , wait you dont have to disheartened !! The book ai'nt over yet , its a trilogy so we are sure to expect twists ans turns as we move along . That statement right there has given me hope that i might just see what i want to see . I know i sound all cryptic , but you will have to read the book to understand what i'm talking about .

The Many lives of Avery Snow was definitely and most absolutely a heart warming story . The emotions in this story are truly playing the right nores making you sing your heart out . Recommended to everyone who wants to escape from the clutches of Vampires , werewolves and all the usualness of what we read normally . You would not be disappointed , its definitely worth the shot !!