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Well .. Schmurrr ! Talking about 'ME' is just so darn difficult . I love reading . And this blog is wholly dedicated to that . As far as my taste in book goes , I love reading NA , dark romances , and a bit of a mix between YA and NA from time to time . I enjoy PNR as well but only when I'm in the mood for it ! Romance is a MUST !


If the book is a guaranteed Mind fuck , then HELL YEAH !

Cataclysm - C.L. Parker I WANT NEXUS , BOOK 3 OF THE SUPERNOVA SERIES BY C.L PARKER RIGHT NOW !!!! Enough said ?! Well not quite really . OH MAN , i think this was even better than Supernova . The intensity , the thrill , the different emotions that this book puts you through , WOW !! Just so good .. Wow wow and so wow wow !! Lets get this show on the road , i mean this review on board .

Firstly , my thoughts on this cover : I had to love it !! Those sexy and intense eyes belongs to none other than Dominic !! The guy who manages to make my heart skip a beat ! Sounds wacko , but its true . I loved how C.L used the eyes of both her main characters for each of the book cover . Another point to be noted is that each of books i,e Supernova and Cataclysm focus on Kerrigan and Dominic respectively . We learnt a lot about Kerrigan's life and powers in Supernova , but for me Cataclysm was all about Dominic . His fears and insecurities being the prime point . Kerrigan was important too , actually more than important - but Dominic was ruling the roast for me throughout .

Cataclysm starts off 3 weeks later after the events of Supernova concluded . Now for those who still have to read Book 1 Supernova in this series , i cant possibly be giving away spoilers here . So i'm just gonna keep it simple . Where there is light , darkness follows . And where there is dark , light would always show up to kill darkness . This book is hugely based on this theory . How , When , Where, Why - for the answers to all these questions , reading Supernova and then this would be an excellent idea .

There were certain points that i would love to highlight about this book :
* The romance factor : Aw , Dominic and Kerrigan were the definite steam factors here . Where ' Torture through tease' was how i would describe them in book 1 , ' Oh so hot to handle ' could be the tag for their romance in book 2 . They just couldnt keep their hands off each other . The love that they share was also admirable . Kerrigan saw the goodness in Dominic and accepted him fully knowing his horrid past . And for Dominic , well he has given his soul to her . What more proof do we need to know and understand how much he loves her! Duh!
* Intense story line : Oh what a turn of events ! New character is introduced and not to forget that he brings in his own hotness . You'd think that this story is about battling one's personal demons , but hell no . Personal demons aside , there is a battle on the verge of breaking out . Battle between Light and dark , good and evil , angels and demons . I was like jaw dropped , when the events start unfolding as if you are right there . Phew !!
*I admired C.L Parkers view points on a lot things seen from this books perspective . Her thoughts on Lies , deception , secrets, love , loss , friendship had me brain-storming myself ... Especially the way chapter 3 began . It was a very important and crucial phase in the book , but her thoughts as seen by Kerrigans thoughts in the book really made me think if what i believed all along is true or not . Oh sooo good !
*Characters were really awesome yet again !! Gabe , my fav from book 1 is still the apple of my eye !! Oh he was sooo funny yet very serious and mature .. The new character , well apart from being super hot , he was also someone of a grave importance . Is he a friend or a foe , will he help or destroy whats already there - the answers to all these questions lies in Cataclysm !!
On the whole , i wanted to give it a 10 star rating ! This book is definitely one of my fav's and C.L Parker is now on my list of " Best Authors ever " . If you love angels , demons , black magic and dreams that kill , then i suggest you pick up your copy right now . This one surely will not disappoint .
But my review is'nt complete without a little Gabe-ism , so here goes :
" Anyway ", he said with a roll of his eyes at the intrusion. " Like i was saying . What's some shit is the fact that your brother would'nt even be alive , or half alive , if it were'nt for her . And then he goes and sticks his dicky-doo-i-see-you in her hello-how-ya-doin' and impregnates her with a little crumb snatchin' doo-doo geyser . Now she is going to get so many stretch marks that her body would look like a roadmap of America's great highways , her tits are going to sag so low she'll have to roll them up and tuck them inside her bra , and her ass is going to spread so much she'll need a wide -load beeper to alert everyone when she's backing up . Her body will never be the same again , and it wasnt that great to begin with . So he's got some nerve trying to act like this is an inconvenience for him. "