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Well .. Schmurrr ! Talking about 'ME' is just so darn difficult . I love reading . And this blog is wholly dedicated to that . As far as my taste in book goes , I love reading NA , dark romances , and a bit of a mix between YA and NA from time to time . I enjoy PNR as well but only when I'm in the mood for it ! Romance is a MUST !


If the book is a guaranteed Mind fuck , then HELL YEAH !

Supernova - Crystal Ward I've always believed in this one notion , that everyone is born for a purpose and death doesnt come to you till you have fulfilled that purpose of yours . Supernova by Crystal ward just amplified my belief . I have never read anything like it and can proudly say that its one of the best books i've read this year and i'm soo glad i did . I loved each and every aspect of this book . Right from the cover to the sneak peak at the second installment of this book .

Cover- speak : Amazing cover !!! I can just keep looking at it and not say a word . It has a very soothing effect if you ask me . Although i'm unable to decipher it , i feel it has a great meaning . And the moon in the background with that tree in the middle of the water , its just magnificent .

Supernova is the story of Evania . A girl so troubled , i couldnt help but cry for her . Evania is living on the wrong side of life . Dependent on drugs to ease her pain , struggling to cope up with the death of her parents and feeling guilty about the fact that she survived and her parents didnt , she comes across as all kinds of wrong . Until she meets Desmond . Desmond walks into Evania's life with a meaning and a purpose , something that she longs for . He tell's her that he will show her " the possible in a world of impossible " , and trust me he does .

Things i loved about this book :

As mentioned earlier , there's nothing about this book that i didnt like or enjoy . Everything was real and true to its purest form . However , there are certain points that i would love to highlight .

1) Gripping storyline : Supernova manages to keep you glued and reading till you reach the loast page . I've across many books that are slow paced and start off as tad boring but then pace up and get interesting . But Supernova ai'nt like that . Supernova manages to struck the right chord from page 1 and leaves you wanting for more . Readers are immediately thrown into a downward spiral of Evania's life , her downfall caused by the death of her parents to her evolution as a Guardian .

2) Descriptive detailing : Crystal ward is according to me , the ' next best thing ' literally ! The lady has a panache for giving the readers a feel of reality , making it look has though you re the one feeling , hearing and seeing it . Emotions such as joy , pain , angst , relief never felt this real , not while reading a book atleast . I would love to go into details with this one but i may end up giving away spoilers and i dont want to do that .

3) Characters : I loved all the characters that were a part of this book . Desmond and Evania being my favourite , i cant help but mention that the other characters too felt real . The stories of life they've lived was something true , something that could have happened to someone in reality . Thereby making it easier to connect with . Words are'nt enough to describe what Evania and Desmond were all about . Never ever have i felt such an instant connection with any female lead that i have read sbout . Reading and getting to know Evania was an absolute pleasure . And Desmond , well i just hope i he turns out to be a reality than a figment of the authors imagination .

4) Semblance of life : I know its probably going to start gettin repetative , but this book is just sooo real . As i've mentioned earlier , that i believe that everyone's born for a purpose , and sooner or later in your life you'll eventually know what your purpose is . That doesnt mean that all of us have to save the world or anything . A purpose in life could be something simple , like always being there for a friend who needs you , or being a ray of hope and love in a persons life , a person who can turn the frown upside down and make someone smile , or a helping hand in the hour of need even if its a total stranger who needs it . Life is full of exciting surprises that unravel themselves one step at a time . All these feelings and emotions are folded into one in this amazing book . As s reader you cant help but understand that there is an underlying note in this story . A note that just resonates with the supernatural effect that the author has used as a foundation .

Parting thoughts : My views on life just got broader !!! LOL .. But its true . So many thoughts and questions about life and what will happen further in the story of Supernova have rendered me speechless , making me lose my chain of thoughts . The life and journey of Evania was not just emotional but also inspirational . Every one of us carry baggages of our past mistakes and experiences , but in order to experience a new and a happy life it is very important to let go of those baggages so that we make a new beginning with new-ness in our life . Agreed , the pain and strain of carrying those baggages would never cease to exist reminding us of our choices and experiences but they'll always help us grow and teach us things education may never teach . This is what i've learnt from Supernova .

Soundtrack Check : For me a story is incomplete without the right songs . I mean i never read witout my ipod on . So the songs that i could associate with this book were :
- Sia : Breathe me ( Evania's life in the first few chapters )
- 311 : Amber and love song ( intimate moments between Evania and Desmond )
- Switchfoot : War inside ( Theme of the whole book and certain fight sequences )

I recommend this book to anyone and everyone who loves reality and its truest form with a touch of supernatural . This is a must read !!! I cant wait to read 'Tsunami ' , the second book in the Supernova series .. Go for it , you'll definitely love it !